Thursday, June 21, 2018

Way back in April we started this garden outside.  Our garden last year was on this same plot but about 1/4 the size. This year we have a nifty fence to keep out the squirrels and bunnies and a watering system too!!  If you look very carefully in the second picture you can see the tall green poles.

These pictures were taken at the end of May.  Now the garden is huge!!!!!  We have already picked 2 zucchini, 3 cucumbers, lots of peppers and all the lettuce.  The beans haven't been very productive but maybe we will get more as time progresses.  I can tell the eggplants are going to be good and the tomatoes should be hearty.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

This sign is really true because I started working again. Somehow my weekends aren’t helping me catch up. After my first week of work we moved Jenn into her summer internship in Wisconsin. She is making making more than me and they are even paying all her living expenses! After my second week of work we went to visit my parents for Mother’s Day. Hopefully after my third week of work I will get to stay home and do some much needed work in and around the house! 

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

While shopping at Menards a few days ago, Bob and I heard a helicopter hovering above the store.  It just didn't stop so we went to the outside area of the store where they house the large items and wood.  What we saw is in the pictures below.  The helicopter was holding steady in its place while a man sat on a platform and worked on the electrical tower.  It looked extremely dangerous!  Another shopper told us the pilot makes $175 per hour and the worker makes $150 per hour.  I think they deserve even more! As they were pulling away I waved at the man and he waved back!

 Apparently that day was the day to look up because as we were leaving we were honked at by the two geese perched on the roof.  They are everywhere we go around here.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Made by Maria

 Maria is so creative. She made these adorable butterfly place cards for our Easter table. They are made out of paper. The intricate cut out on the left of the wing is so beautiful. I was careful to make sure we could use them again next year. She also made the wooden bunny hanging on the wall. The flowers on the bunnies ear are made out of paper. She can make these big and small and has made them for the top many gifts and even framed some.  She’s always making something!.  

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

This is how we tailgate! (I created this post last fall after a cold football game but apparently never put it on here until April!)


We had a wonderful Easter weekend.  My parents arrived on Friday. We shared meals with Bob's parents and then expanded our fun with the girls and their boyfriends on Saturday and Sunday.

Jenn, Maria and Leah

My parents

Bob's parents



I love my whimsical centerpiece! But someone took a bite out of a bunny!! Maria made the place cards out of paper butterflies.


I worked very hard to make my grandmother's stolen.  It was perfect!!!  I even made one in the shape of a bunny.

 Before dinner we had a deviled egg bar.  The toppings made the eggs really yummy!
Mary and Leah are holding the lettuce picked from our "basement" garden.  Bob started his seedlings for the garden a little too early.  The plants are ready to go in the ground but the weather is just too cold.  So our lettuce just keeps growing in our makeshift greenhouse.  It was so big we cut it and had it with our Easter meal.  We already have radishes and beans too!  The salad was delicious!!  We had ham, of course, and asparagus, rolls, twice baked potatoes, jello, cookies and pound cake.  No one went away hungry.
(Happy Easter Aunt Ruth!!)

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

I tried to make homemade tamales. The filling was excellent. I could have just eaten that stuff all day.  I had a terrible time making the corn casing. This process took all day and it was so disappointing when it didn't work out. I later found out my cousin Michael is a pro at making these!!! He has promised to give me his secrets. I'm not giving up!

I'm a very good cook. I'm not bragging but I really can make just about anything. Bob is a good cook too so together we make a great team. The one thing I can't cook is rice. I'm getting better at making it and practice makes perfect! 

Way back in April we started this garden outside.  Our garden last year was on this same plot but about 1/4 the size. This year we hav...